What TV Channels would suite me
Freeview or Freesat


Freeview channels are all completely free, without any monthly subscriptions and received via a TV aerial, together with a Freeview set top box or integrated digital TV (IDTV). Charles carries a full range of aerials all capable of receiving Freeview.

All of his installed aerials are made by leading manufacturers, and combined with high quality cabling, ensures the best possible reception .


Freesat is a digital satellite service, using a dish to receive the signal rather than a conventional aerial, giving high-quality reception, making it especially suitable for homes where normal Freeview digital signal is not particularly good.

As the name implies, Freesat is a free TV service. Specifically, in the Uists, Freesat offers a broader range of channels than Freeview. There are a few differences – check out the Freesat website for a full listing of channels available to ensure you are making the best choice for your viewing requirements.

To receive Freesat, you need a standard type satellite dish, with a separate cable from the dish to each room for the Freesat signal (you cant split a satellite signal in the same way you can split a conventional aerial signal) In each room where you wish to watch TV, you will need a Freesat receiver box connected to the TV if your TV does not already have one already built-in.

If you are having problems with Freeview digital reception due to poor signal strength which cannot be improved, then Freesat is well worth considering.